Leverex’s Roadmap for Q4/2023 & Q1/2024: What’s in Store for Traders?

Major Milestone announcement for Leverex.

2 min readOct 3, 2023

Major Milestones in Q4/2023 and Q1/2024

In Q4/2023 and Q1/2024, Leverex is gearing up for a series of improvements that will increase clarity, transparency and security of the platform.

1. Adding Limit Orders: Leverex understands the significance of flexibility in trading. In Q4/2023, the platform will introduce Limit Orders, giving traders greater control over their positions. We believe that this addition will help users to set specific buy and sell prices, enhancing precision and strategy in their trading activities.

2. Introducing new product(-s): Q1/2024 brings exciting news with the launch of a second product featuring one of the major cryptocurrencies or stablecoin pairs. This expansion opens a wider array of trading opportunities, catering to the diverse needs of Leverex’s user base.

3. Deliverable Futures: Sometime on Q1/2024 Leverex will introduce deliverable futures. Contracts will settle once a day. At the term, each participant will have to deliver their end, and take delivery of the counterparty instrument. Lastly, contracts will not be rolled forward.

4. Fee Schedule Update: Leverex is dedicated to transparency and user satisfaction. In Q1/2024, the fee schedule undergoes an update to provide even greater clarity and transparency. This change ensures that traders can make informed decisions with a complete understanding of the associated costs.

Worth mentioning activities

In addition to the major milestones, Leverex is also busy implementing light updates and activities during the same timeframe:

1. API Key Management Feature: Leverex recognizes the importance of security in crypto trading. That’s why, in Q4/2023, we will roll out an API Key management feature, enhancing user control and protection.

2. Average Price/PnL Calculations: Starting Q1/2024, Leverex introduces a feature for average price and profit/loss calculations across trading sessions. This functionality simplifies tracking and analyzing performance, allowing traders to make more informed decisions.

3. Performance Improvements: Leverex’s commitment to excellence extends to performance enhancements. Users can expect a smoother and more efficient trading experience as Leverex fine-tunes its platform for optimal performance throughout Q1/2023 and Q4/2024.

4. User Feedback Implementation: Leverex places a premium on user feedback. Throughout Q4/2023 and Q1/2024, we will diligently implement user suggestions and enhancements, ensuring that the platform evolves in direct response to the needs of its growing community.

A Sneak Peek into Leverex’s Vision

We hope that these milestones, light updates and activities demonstrate our unwavering dedication to user satisfaction, platform security, stability and continuous improvement.

Beyond the immediate roadmap, Leverex envisions a future where crypto trading is not just accessible, but also equitable and secure. With a commitment to transparency and user-centricity, we aim to transform the crypto trading industry. Stay tuned as Leverex leads the way toward a more inclusive and transparent future for all crypto enthusiasts.




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